To experience the luxury of classic linen visit Cottana.

Julio Reyes

Right bed linen makes your bedroom look cosy. Not they only make your bedroom look good but also allow you to play with different colour, and patterns. As we've created them with soft, pure and sustainable linen at Cottana. The elegant and soft Bedding Set with Fitted Sheet will make you sleep better.

Our material is soft, allow proper ventilation, and also it is eco-friendly.

At COTTANA, you can choose from the wide selection of bedclothes, made with premium quality material and Handcrafted in the Bronx.


Approximately, you consume one-third of your life relaxing. This also suggests you contribute about one-third of your life swaddled up in bed linen. That’s why we ensure the delivery of high-quality bed linens that are soft in touch and will never hurt your skin. Even they will help you to maintain proper body temperature at night.

Our products are made with 100% linen; thus they offer proper ventilation, absorb the excess moisture and allow the good night sleep.

Apart from the bed linen if you want to transform the look of your bathroom then you should try Grey Linen Shower Curtain.

You can explore a variety of curtains form our website. The best thing about buying the cottana Linen curtains is that they insulate farbetter when compare with the man-made fabrics. This indicates that your linen curtains can assist in maintaining the cool temperature inside the house cool in summer and insulating the windows from the cold during the winters. To explore our products visit us at